House Hacking 

Understanding The Benefits of House Hacking

Learn more about the benefits of house hacking by reading the full article written by the experts at Rincon Property Management.

self-managing landlord

Should I Rent or Sell My Home?

Wondering if you should rent your home, or sell it? When it comes to understanding all of your options, and their long-term financial impact is...


Legal Update: Ventura County, 2023

Read the full article to learn more about the legal updates in Ventura County, California in 2023! This article discusses a small number of the legal...

Property Management 101

Onboarding: Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers for the most frequently asked onboarding questions by reading the full article, written by the experts at Rincon Property Management.

Property Management 101

What is our Maintenance Limit?

Read the full article detailing the maintenance limit and why is benefits rental property owners, written by the experts at Rincon Property...

Market Update

Rental Market Changes: What to expect

Read the full article, Rental Market Changes: What to Expect, written by the experts at Rincon Property Management.

self-managing landlord

How to Avoid Evictions

Learn more about how to avoid evictions by reading our full article, written by the experts at Rincon Property Management.

self-managing landlord

The Cost of an Eviction

Learn more about the cost of an eviction by reading the full article, The Cost Of An Eviction, written by the experts at Rincon Property Management.

self-managing landlord

Top Three Things to Do In An Eviction

Join the experts at Rincon Property Management as they address the top three things you should do in an eviction! This article is third in our...

Property Management 101

What happens if a tenant stops paying rent?

Learn more about what happens if a tenant stop paying rent by reading the full article by the experts at Rincon Property Management.


Pests: Who’s Responsible?

Who is responsible when it comes to pests at a rental property? Is it the tenant, the landlord or property owner, or the property management company?

Property Management 101

Repairs: Who is Responsible?

Who is responsible for the repairs in a rental unit? Read our full article to learn more about maintenance costs.

self-managing landlord

Fair Housing Law: Tenant Screening

We are committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws, and will not discriminate against any applicant due to being in...

Property Management 101

Fair Housing Violations: Financial Penalties

Violating fair housing law doesn’t come without consequences. Fair housing violations can result in serious financial penalties that increase for...


Can I Select My Own Tenants?

The leasing process can be complicated, but the help of a property management company will protect you and your assets.


How to avoid rental scams

Here are a few ways that you can avoid rental scams online, and find the property that is the best fit for you

self-managing landlord

Five Reasons to Live in Ventura, California

Living in Ventura, California has pros. Rincon Property Management is located in Ventura, California and serves Ventura Count, CA.

self-managing landlord

How to calculate an accurate break-even analysis

Below we share some key points you should consider when analyzing the financial benefits or a rental home or calculating an accurate break-even...


2022 Legal Update

Being a landlord can be a never-ending process of looking into ever-changing laws and guidelines that impact how you manage your rental home.

Property Management 101

Vetting Tenants and Verifying Rental Applications

It is easy to focus on the information on completed applications. It is important to sift through the information to ensure it's accurate.

self-managing landlord

Four Signs You Should Hire a Property Manager

When you first begin renting out a home as a self-managing landlord, there is an overwhelming amount of information you must learn to stay compliant...


Post-Eviction Moratorium Landscape

If you own a rental property or are a self-managing landlord, you’re likely all too familiar with the changing laws as a result of the pandemic.

CDC Guideline Update

With the onset of new CDC guidelines impacting housing, many landlords or property owners are wondering how it will impact their property, or tenants.


COVID-19 Regulations Update

After over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic shifting quite a bit for both property managers and landlords, restrictions continue to be updated as we...

Property Management 101

What is the Maintenance Coordination Fee?

The maintenance coordination fee is essential in helping us reserve team members dedicated to responding to and handling maintenance requests quickly.

Property Management 101

What happens during our introductory call?

During our sales process, we start with an introductory call to assess your needs, and answer each question you may have about the process.


How Soon Does Tenant Placement Happen?

We frequently hear clients or potential clients asking about a timeline – when they sign the contract, when can they expect to have someone moving...

self-managing landlord

How Much Can I Rent Out My House For?

When someone starts the process of renting out their property, one of the first questions asked is how much they are able to rent out their property...


COVID-19 Rent Relief Program

Rent debt assistance has been long awaited in California. Read more to learn how you can apply.

self-managing landlord

Is Rincon Property Management Right for Me?

There is a lot that goes into a selecting a property management company, and knowing if it is the right company to fit your needs.

self-managing landlord

From Accidental Landlord to Confident Investor

Real Estate and Property Management experts--Dave Holt, Todd Breen, and Kevin Knight help you answer the question: Do I sell...or do I rent?...

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