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Can I Do My Own Maintenance, or Choose the Maintenance Company?

There are many questions we hear when someone is beginning to consider renting out their property rather than selling it. Researching and ensuring you are educated about the process is essential to making the best choice for you, and for your home.


A key question we see from potential clients is how maintenance is handled when renting out a property. They often want to know if the landlord able to complete the maintenance themselves, or if they are able to choose the maintenance company.


Can you do your own maintenance?

Although we will keep you in the loop about any maintenance concerns, we do require landlords to go through our vendors. There are many reasons that we ensure our properties are using our experienced maintenance team, some of which we will discuss in this article.


If there is a specific vendor you want to use, who is properly licensed and insured, we would be happy to add them to our list and to use them on your property. We can not use someone who is not licensed or who is uninsured. This is to protect the landlord, the property and to ensure that the home remains in the best condition possible for the tenant. 


Because we require all vendors to be licensed and insured, landlords do not typically do their own maintenance. When using a property management company to manage your home, you have the ability to remain somewhat anonymous to the tenant. If a landlord wants to provide their own maintenance to the property, they no longer have that layer of distance.


Going through our list of vendors to make repairs helps to ensure that all maintenance concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently. We are able to choose experts in any area that problems may occur, making sure that the home receives the highest quality repairs or updates.


How Our Maintenance Team Provides Support

Handling maintenance concerns is a 24/7 job, and we know that this can create additional work for the landlord in the long run.


Our vendors are on-call at all times in case of any emergencies. Being available at all times is often not realistic for one person, especially if they are living further away or are working full-time. Many landlords do not live in the same area as the property they are renting out, making travel time a concern as well.


How we handle maintenance

We have developed a comprehensive list of our preferred vendors that we use to handle any and all maintenance concerns. These vendors have built a trusted history with us at Rincon Property Management, and have proven to be the quickest, highest-quality and most efficient way to maintain our properties and resolve issues quickly.


Because we have made a commitment to you and your property’s success, keeping your property in the best standing possible is our priority. Part of how we do this is by correcting any maintenance concerns quickly, before they have a chance to cause further damage, or grow into larger problems. We make sure that our vendors are skilled and will fix any problems correctly the first time.


This is always in the landlord’s best interest. Problems that sit for longer than they need to have the opportunity to grow worse, and even cause damage to other parts of the property. Problems that are not addressed correctly are also at risk of causing worse damage. For this reason, we always make maintenance a priority at each of our properties.


If you are ready to start the conversation about renting out your home, reach out to us here!

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