The Accidental Landlord Podcast: Kevin Aranha

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Peter: All right, welcome to another episode of the Accident Landlord podcast. Today on the show, we have Kevin Aranha, and Kevin is a house hacker. In fact, on his Instagram handle, he's coined himself as the most fashionable house hacker. And if you are watching this on video, you'll definitely get the reason why for that. But Kevin, welcome to the show.

Kevin: Thank you so much. It's a pleasure to be here.

Peter: Yeah, we're excited to have you. Quick story, and then I'll give you a second to give us your bio and kind of introduce yourself. So we run a HouseHack meetup, and we do it at Topa Brewery in Ventura. And we were doing our first meetup, and there was this guy off to the side in this really loud sport coat. And he came over and he was like, what are you guys doing? And that was Kevin. He wasn't there for the HouseHack, he just happened to be there. And then obviously it was like, right up your alley, and you have your own real estate meetup, and you promote house hacking. It was just kind of a perfect storm how we all ended up at the same place. But that was how I originally met you. But why don't you take a minute or two to kind of introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Kevin: Sure, the way you describe me is like a perfect description of who I am. I'm always at the right place at the wrong time and randomly meeting people, which is why I truly believe that if you put something out in the universe, that you want to do something, the world's too small. You're going to meet the right people. But yeah, like Peter said, my name's Kevin Arana. I was born and I grew up in Mumbai, India. I moved to America 10 years ago to pursue higher education.

And then, you know, met the love of my life and decided to stay back. And fast forward 10 years, now I live in a million-dollar house, two miles away from the beach for free. And I've been successfully able to do that for the last two years. And not only has it been kind of like the stepping stone of building wealth, but has also been a great adventure to kind of unravel the mysteries of generational wealth.

Peter: Yeah, I want to get into that story for sure, because what's unique about your story is, you know, you're not in a small midwest town where property costs $100,000 and you house hacked and then you live for free, which is relatively common story out there, but doesn't really do anything for people in our market where a single-family house can cost a million dollars. But you did it in our area under arguably, you know, a market that was really hot, really expensive, very competitive.

And then you figured out how to live for free. So that's the meat of the story that I want to get into because. Frankly, those other house hacking stories where it's not a similar market to us are really less relevant, but you are, your story is completely relevant to what we're trying to promote in our world and with our meetup and podcasts and all that for the people in our area. So why don't you, uh, and, and the interest of full disclosure, we, we actually invited Kevin back to the house hack meetup to tell his story at the meetup.

That's where I heard your full story. And immediately I was like, you have to come on the podcast because your story can help a lot of people and that's why we're here to kind of document that. But why don't you take a minute or two to kind of introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us a little bit about yourself.

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