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Five Reasons to Live in Ventura, California

If you are thinking about calling Ventura your home, you may be wondering what the area has to offer. Due to the convenient location, ample opportunities to get outside, and variety of restaurants and shops, the city has something for everyone to enjoy. Below we share some of the top features that make living in Ventura so pleasant.


State beaches are gorgeous and open to all.

It’s no surprise that Ventura has ample opportunities to get outside and enjoy the surrounding area. San Beunaventura State Beach and Emma Wood State Beach are just two of the state beaches in Ventura County. Both state beaches are highly rated by their visitors and boast 2.5k and 2.9k reviews with a 4.6-star rating, which shows how beloved these local gems are.


If you enjoy being out on the ocean, or even simply enjoying the occasional beach day, Ventura’s beaches will exceed your expectations.


Great restaurants and breweries.

Ventura features a range of highly-rated restaurants and breweries. Breweries like Ventura Coast Brewing Company, Topa Topa Brewing Co., and Poseidon Brewing Company are just two local favorites.


Restaurants like Lure Fish House, Beach House Fish and The Jolly Oyster offer a variety of options and are local favorites. Many restaurants offer fresh seafood due to the close proximity to the ocean. If you’re a foodie, Ventura will have no shortage of great restaurants to try and breweries to enjoy with your friends and family!


Ventura Botanical Gardens

The Ventura Botanical Gardens sit on a 107-acre site with stunning plant life for the public to enjoy. With more than 30,000 plants, the garden was designed to represent the different climate zones in Mediterranean climates: Chile, Australia, the Mediterranean Basin, California, and the Cape of South Africa. The impressive gardens are a local hit that attracts visitors from outside of Ventura.


Visitors can walk leisurely through the Ventura Botanical Gardens and enjoy the gorgeous weather that Ventura offers.


Channels Islands National Park

The gorgeous beaches aren’t the only way to get out in nature! The Channel Islands National Park is open to the public. While there are no services or lodging on the islands, the park is considered one of the best national parks in California!


Ideal location near prominent cities

Ventura is conveniently located within a reasonable distance from larger cities such as Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. The distance from larger cities gives Ventura a more suburban feel, while avoiding the downsides of large cities, like increased traffic.


Overall, there is something for everyone in Ventura, California! With stunning beaches, incredible national parks and innumerable activities, restaurants and shops within the community, we are proud to call Ventura County home!

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