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Unlocking the Benefits of Our Realtor Referral Program

Our realtor referral program provides our clients with the resources they need to make and execute informed decisions about their home.


Whether they start with a realtor with the intention of selling their home and later decide to look into turning their home into a rental property, or they start with us at Rincon Property Management and then express that they would like to sell their home rather than continue renting it out, we’re there for our clients. And, so are you! Below we share a few key things you should know about our realtor referral program:

We don’t sell

We don’t sell homes as a part of our service. At Rincon Property Management, we help existing property owners manage their home as a rental property. When a client comes to us and lets us know they are going to be selling their home, we are happy to provide them with our trusted recommendations: our realtor referrals. 

We don’t compete for home sales, so realtors participating in our program need not worry about losing any business. In fact, as a thank you for realtors referring home owners to us, we provide a referral commission. 

If that client comes to us in the future and wants to sell their home, we are thrilled to direct them back to their original realtor who referred them, or, if there was no referral, to refer them to another incredible realtor in our program. 

It’s simply great customer service.

Providing great customer service is about more than keeping clients happy. At Rincon Property Management, we know realtors are on the same page as us when it comes to going above and beyond with their clients. 

Even if we are referring a client back to a realtor, helping them along this process is incredibly important to us. This not only helps better service our client, and helps our referral partners, but helps us gain positive feedback and reviews. Realtors know that in this industry, reviews can make or break a potential client relationship. By supporting your client even if they are heading in a different direction, you are allowing your reviews to reflect your above-and-beyond attitude when it comes to customer service.

Financial Benefits

When one of our referral partners refers a client to us, we understand that this took time and effort to coordinate. We appreciate that our referral partners assist their clients, even when their direction changes. By referring their clients to us, they are helping smooth out the rental process and provide extraordinary customer service to their clients. 

Likewise, if a client approaches us letting us know that they intend to sell their home, we are always happy to refer them back to their original realtor. 

One of the clearest benefits of the realtor referral program is the Referral Commission. The Referral Commission is 15% of the first month’s rent. This is paid to the realtor upon tenant placement and the tenant’s first rental payment. This is because rental prices may change depending on how long the unit is on the market, how much demand for a particular unit there is, and more. These changes are normal and are anticipated.

Another benefit of participating in this program is supporting your clients through each step, whether it requires them to utilize your services, or someone else's. With this program, realtors are not giving away leads, but rather directing a client to us with the possibility of that client returning. Although we cannot require clients to utilize a specific realtor, we do provide suggestions and prioritize the referring realtor when applicable. View a referral benefit estimate calculator on our website, here.


When it comes to helping clients, we try to provide resources and insight even if that means directing them away from our services. While we are in the business of managing rental properties, we know that this is not a decision that everyone wants to make. When a client or potential client alerts us that they may be interested in selling their home, we are happy to help them find the perfect realtor for the job. 

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