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Why Do We Charge a Leasing Fee?

Our leasing fee covers everything related to finding and placing a tenant in your property. Leasing a property can have many steps, including:

  • Taking photographs;
  • Taking a virtual scan;
  • Coordinating showings;
  • Drawing up leases;
  • Screening applications;
  • Accepting applications;
  • Responding to the inquiries about the property;
  • And more! 



At Rincon Property Management, we pride ourselves on taking great care throughout the entire leasing process. Each step in the process is essential. For example, by ensuring we have quality photos and scans of the property, we are able to better protect the property in case of any damages.

By having dedicated, full-time leasing staff, they are able to be thorough during each step of the process. We always try to go above and beyond to ensure that every step, from taking photographs to screening applications, is handled with precision and the utmost attention to detail.

Finding a qualified tenant is extremely important. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we are able to rent out your property quickly, minimizing the risk of scams or break-ins. Trust us to handle the leasing process efficiently and effectively, so you can start generating revenue from your property sooner rather than later.

There are cutting-edge solutions that are available in today's property management market that help us get your property rented out quickly. The faster your property is rented out, the faster it can generate revenue.  The faster we can get the unit off of the rental market, the less likely it is to be targeted by scammers or with break ins. 

By charging a leasing fee, we are able to have full-time, dedicated staff to ensure the process goes smoothly and quickly. Often, property management companies without a leasing fee do not have dedicated staff. This can result in mistakes happening during the application process, or a property sitting vacant too long. 


To learn more about our leasing fee, view our article, here.


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