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My Property Management Company is Ignoring Me

As a landlord, it can be frustrating and concerning when your property management company stops responding to your calls, emails, or messages. When it comes to the condition of your property, being left out of the loop can be incredibly stressful. A lack of responsiveness can cause a wide variety of issues, including delays in rent collections, maintenance issues, and other important matters that need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. Below we share a few steps that landlords can take if their property management company stops responding to them.


Try to get in touch with them again

The first step is to try to contact them again before looking at other solutions. Be sure to double check possible closures, holidays, or adjusted work hours that could impact response time temporarily. In some cases, the lack of communication could be something simple, such as an email that went to spam or a phone line that was down temporarily, if it is a new and sudden change. 

If you are able to get in touch with them, it is important to discuss how improvements to communication can be made. You can also share what your expectations as the property owner are. While property management companies will rarely update clients on minor details, larger items should always be reported to the owner. 


Review the contract you signed 

Take a moment to look over the contract you have with your property management company. A key item to look out for is any clause that covers the terms of communication, conflict resolution, and how the client must go about providing notice to the management company. Once you review the contract, you will have a more clear understanding of your options, and help you best navigate next steps.


Check for any Legal Obligations

It can take a bit of digging, but ensuring you know your rights is essential. Depending on where your property is located, there may be specific laws that require property management companies to respond to landlords within a certain timeframe. 


Work towards a faster resolution

If your property management company still does not respond, it may be time to escalate the issue. You can try reaching out to a supervisor or manager within the company, or send a formal complaint to their customer service department, if they have one. As stated above, this step only becomes necessary after attempting to contact more than once, using more than one method. Sending a final email, or leaving a final voicemail can help document your efforts to reach out. 


Consider Terminating the Contract

If the lack of communication continues, it may be necessary to terminate the contract with your property management company. Although this is a decision that landlords would prefer not to have to make, it is important to work with a company who is responsive and will treat your property like their own. 


Find a New Property Management Company

If you decide to stop working with the unresponsive property management company, you will need to find a suitable replacement to handle your property. When choosing a new property management company, take time to carefully research their reputation, services, and fees, and get references from other landlords to ensure that you are making the best decision for your property.


By following the steps outlined above, you can best protect your interests as a landlord, and ensure that your property is managed effectively and efficiently. If you have any questions about these steps, or questions about your unique situation, please reach out to us by visiting our contact page, here

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