A Realtor’s Journey: Our Realtor Referral Program

Although we have introduced you to our referral program, shared with you some of the benefits, and discussed the referral fee, it may be hard to envision exactly how the process works. To best walk you through the process, we invite you to meet Sarah, a highly successful, fictional realtor in Ventura, CA


Meet Sarah

Sarah is a successful realtor based in Ventura, CA. She has been in the industry for several years and has built a great reputation for herself as one of the top realtors in the area. Despite her success, Sarah is always looking for new ways to help her clients make the most educated decisions possible when it comes to their home. She is also on the lookout for opportunities to grow her business and increase her income.

One day, Sarah received an email from us about their Realtor Referral Program! The program offered a referral fee of 15% of the first month's rental payment to any realtor who referred a new property owner to the company. Sarah was intrigued and decided to give them a call to learn more, while doing her own research to investigate.

During the five-minute call with Rincon Property Management, Sarah was impressed by the company's local expertise, experience, and knowledge of local laws and regulations. She also noted their responsiveness, as well as their commitment to delivering top-notch customer service to both property owners and tenants. Because of the shared values and commitment toward creating an incredible client experience, Sarah felt confident making the recommendation.

A few months later, a client mentioned that they were going to switch gears, and were looking into renting out their home instead of selling it. She explained the benefits of working with Rincon Property Management and helped her client make a connection.

A few weeks later, Sarah received an email from us, confirming that we had successfully taken on the property owner as a new client. Sarah was thrilled to receive her 15% referral fee of $500, which was a welcome boost to her income after only investing a five-minute call.

Five years later, the property owner who Sarah had referred to us let us know they would be changing direction, and were ready to sell their home. We were happy to reconnect the client with their original realtor, Sarah. 


Although this story is fictional, it is intended to be an accurate representation of the referral program, and the experience we want our referral partners to have when they participate in it. If you have any questions about the referral program, you can reference an overview of the program, here, or reach out to us via our contact page, here. 

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