We Don’t Sell: Understanding Our Realtor Referral Program

Our realtor referral program is a valuable opportunity for both our referral partners, and for our business at Rincon Property Management. Property management companies specialize in managing and maintaining rental properties, while realtors focus on buying and selling homes. While these two services are closely related, realtors typically do not manage rentals, and property management companies do not typically sell homes. 

A key benefit of the program is that we do not sell homes, and therefore there is no threat of taking business away from the realtor who has decided to participate in our referral program. Instead, we work with the realtor to provide an incredible customer service experience for either our client who is looking to sell and needs a realtor, or for a realtor who has a client who is now seeking to rent out their home. No matter the direction a client takes, we are prepared to either provide them with excellent service, or direct them to someone who can. 

When a property management company refers a client to a realtor, this allows for a smooth process, and the referral helps the client build trust with the realtor. If the client decides to sell, the realtor earns a commission from the sale. If a client decides to rent, the realtor would earn a referral fee. 

Some realtors may have hesitations when it comes to participating in a referral program, due to being unsure of the quality of service after their referral, or other reasons. We have outlined the most common hesitations and frequently asked questions, here

Good customer service is essential for realtors because it protects their reputation, a key piece of maintaining business, and helps them establish a positive relationship with clients. In the real estate industry, a realtor's reputation is everything. In the property management industry, we are in the same boat. We believe that each interaction with a client is an opportunity to go the extra mile to ensure that they are confident and happy at the end of the process. This positive experience, and the trust it builds can lead to repeat business, client referrals, and good reviews online. 

Although we have addressed that we do not sell homes and therefore we do not take business from our referral partners, it is also important to note that when a client is ready to sell, we will direct them back to the realtor who referred them. This means that we prompt our clients to return to the realtor who referred them, so they can continue having a positive experience. Although this is ultimately up to the client, they often select this option.

In conclusion, a property management company's realtor referral program is a mutually beneficial partnership that also benefits the clients. If you have additional questions regarding our program, or are interested in learning more, please visit our realtor referral program page, here. 

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