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We are Ventura County’s most trusted and most highly-rated property management company.

Financial Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive financial analysis on every property we manage.

84.62% Return Rate

 84.62 % of security deposits are returned to our tenants upon move-out. Our tenants take great care of our properties! 

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let's talk about tenant management

Tenant management is a top priority. We are committed to providing an exceptional tenant experience. We provide our tenants with:

  • A 24/7 maintenance lines to address any emergencies promptly
  • Access to a tenant portal
  • A tenant onboarding program which includes local recommendations local favorites, and more!

The tenant onboarding program is our way of thanking our tenants for taking great care of their homes! 

Let's talk about leasing

The leasing process is a key piece of managing rental real estate. It is essential that throughout this process, research is conducted on market rental prices, and that the property is advertised well. We ensure the property is rent-ready, install signs and lockboxes, take digital photos to market on relevant sites in accordance with fair housing laws, market the property, and coordinate showings.

The initial tasks involved in adequately preparing for a tenant's move-in may be time-consuming, but they are vital. These tasks encompass a range of activities, including processing applications, preparing lease documents for electronic signature, and completing move-in paperwork.

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Let's talk about technology

We invest in the top technology to ensure your property is in the best hands possible. From utilizing a lockbox system to allow for more showings, to eliminating fake paystubs by implementing software that is able to check income by linking directly to a bank account, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your rental ownership experience.

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The lack of good property management can put any investment in jeopardy.


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Understanding long-term rentals

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