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Thinking about hiring a property manager? Check out these top, local companies!

Vetting property management companies can be tricky. We don’t expect potential clients to always have the time to invest in fully vetting each local company. Below we share some of the local property management companies you may want to consider.

It’s essential when vetting a property management company to consider their reviews, communication level and style, how they treat both their owners and tenants, and more. By looking into each company carefully, you will be able to select the property management company that will best fit you and your property’s needs.


Gold Coast Re/Max

Gold Coast Re/Max Property Management in Oxnard, CA, has 63 reviews on Google, with an average rating of 4.5-stars. These positive reviews are a testament to the service that they provide.


On Yelp, Gold Coast Re/Max has 33 reviews with a 4-star rating.


Notable coverage: Gold Coast Re/Max is ranked by as one of the top 18 property management companies in Ventura, CA! You can view this full review, here.


About Gold Coast (from the Gold Coast website): Embark on the beach getaway of your dreams, or simply live in comfort and style with a spacious rental home. Our vacation homes and all-purpose rentals offer quality and service at a price you can afford. Equipped with experience and a commitment to serve, the Remax Gold Coast Property Management team is ready to help residents, tourists, and property owners achieve their goals.

 We use the latest technology and market data to adapt to each client’s needs and help them choose the best course of action. Renters appreciate the care we put into our homes and the responsive service we provide. New and veteran property owners alike benefit from our expertise and resources.

Have peace of mind knowing that our dedicated, experienced professionals are ready to help you achieve all your property-related goals. Contact Remax Gold Coast Property Management today, and we’ll help you from start to finish.


Oaktree Property Investments and Management

Oaktree Property Investments and Management boast 46 Google reviews with an average rating of 4.1-stars. On Yelp, they have received 23 reviews with an average 2-star rating.


You can review more feedback via BirdEye, a review site where Oaktree is ranked at 3.9 stars with 54 reviews. You can view these reviews, here.

Notable coverage: Oaktree Property Investments and Management was ranked by Yelp as being in the top 10 property management companies in Ventura, CA! You can view this full review, here.


About Oaktree (from the Oaktree website): Oaktree Property Management is a full service property management and real estate sales company. Our clients include individuals, private investors, and partnerships. We believe in working closely with our clients to identify their individual needs and goals in an effort to bring increase the value of their investments and maximize the financial performance of their properties.

The owner and staff of Oaktree Property Management bring over 60 years of experience in the management business to take care of our client’s needs. Oaktree is a member of the Southern California Apartment Association, California Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, Ventura Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau with a 100% satisfaction rating.


T.R.E.E. Real Estate

T.R.E.E. Real Estate has 14 reviews on Google, with an average 3-star rating.


On Yelp, they have a total of eight reviews and a 3.5-star average rating.


Notable coverage: T.R.E.E. Real Estate was ranked by Yellow Pages being in the top 30 property management companies in Ventura, CA! You can view this full review, here.


About T.R.E.E. (from the T.R.E.E. website): Welcome to Trusted Real Estate Enterprises, Inc. (T.R.E.E.). California’s spectacular coastline and picturesque foothills provide the perfect backdrop for T.R.E.E.’s personalized service and attention to your real estate needs. Our company is committed to providing our clients the highest level of customer service and industry expertise. We pride ourselves in knowing our clientele, understanding their real estate objectives and maximizing the return on their real estate investments. T.R.E.E specializes in sales and property management for finer single-family homes and estates.


Joe Kapp Real Estate, Inc.

Joe Kapp Real Estate, Inc., located in Ventura, CA, has 17 reviews on Google, with an average 3.5-star rating.


On yelp, they have received 15 reviews with an average 3-star rating.


About Joe Kapp (from the Joe Kapp website): We have been serving the Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties in Southern California for 45 years with our real estate services. Our services include real estate sales, real estate appraisals, and real estate property management.


Esquire Property Management

Esquire property management, in Camarillo, CA, boasts an impressive 83 Google Reviews with an average 4.1-star rating. It should be noted that they feature an additional service area in Oxnard, that has 21 reviews with an average 3.7-star rating.


On Yelp, they received 58 reviews with a 3.5-star rating.


Notable coverage: Esquire Property Management is ranked by as one of the top 18 property management companies in Ventura, CA! You can view this full review, here.


About Esquire (from the Esquire website): Esquire Property Management Company Camarillo is raising the property management bar in Ventura County, CA. Our legal background differentiates us from the field while providing our landlords with peace of mind as well as a level of knowledge and experience only an Esquire can offer. Our founding principle is to increase rental home property value through prudent property management. We specialize in homes for rent in Camarillo, Oxnard, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Port Hueneme, Somis, Thousand Oaks & Ventura.


California Oaks Property Management

California Oaks Property Management is located in Ventura County, and has received 75 reviews with an average 2.6-star rating.


On Yelp, California Oaks Property Management has 100 reviews with a 2.5 star rating.


Notable coverage: California Oaks was ranked by Yelp as being in the top 10 property management companies in Ventura, CA! You can view this full review, here.


About California Oaks (from the California Oaks website): Established in 1972, California Oaks Property Management provides experienced, reliable, and full-service property management services to residents and property owners. We service the cities of Ventura, Camarillo, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Ojai, Oakview, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Piru, Meiners Oaks, and Carpinteria.

We currently manage a portfolio of over 1,200 residential and commercial units and uphold a record of success in maximizing the return of our clients’ investments. Property management is our expertise, and our sole focus is to provide the highest quality of service to you. Our rental properties are located throughout Ventura County and include single-family homes, condos, duplexes, apartments complexes, office suites, and commercial properties.


Empire Management Group

Empire Management Group, located in Ontario, CA, has 7 reviews on Google and averages a 1.7-star rating. None of the positive reviews (there were only two reviews with more than one star) included any text about the experience.


On Yelp, Empire Management Group has three reviews with a 3.5-star average rating.


Notable coverage: Empire Management group was ranked by Yelp as being in the top 10 property management companies in Ventura, CA! You can view this full review, here.


About Empire (from the Empire website): ​Empire Management Company has been providing unsurpassed property management services throughout Southern California's Ventura County since 1981.

From Santa Barbara in the west to Simi Valley in the east, we provide efficient and comprehensive management services to help property owners reach their investment goals, as well as providing renters with the best possible choice in housing. Our company offers management packages for residential, commercial and industrial real estate throughout Ventura County.


If you’re interested in hiring a property management company but aren’t sure how to vet them, check out our article on vetting property management companies, here.

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