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C-Suite Excellence: an interview with Peter McKenzie

The below is taken from an interview with Peter McKenzie, CEO and Founder of Rincon Property Management in Ventura,...

The ADU Boom is here: ADU Specialist Insights

The below article is transcribed from The Accidental Landlord Podcast. To listen to the full episode, follow the link. 

Why Reporting Maintenance Issues Won't Increase Your Rent

At Rincon Property Management, we believe it is essential that we create an environment for our tenants where they feel...


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Let Me Show You.

Landlords often have to develop an understanding of fields they do not have extensive experience. Many areas of owning a rental property can require a landlord to have a solid understanding of the legal system, and local, state, and federal laws. Owning and self-managing a rental property can require you to wear many hats, but there are a few areas we recommend avoiding doing on your own.












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