Why Trust Matters with Your Property Management Company


Whether you’re in the process of vetting property management companies right now, or you already have a property manager for your rental home, you know how important trust is when allowing someone to manage your home and property. Unfortunately, many property owners don’t add trust to the list of requirements when vetting a property management company. Below we have listed the top reasons that you should add trust to your list of requirements for your property management company!


A property management company should bring you peace-of-mind.

Hiring a property manager often happens after inheriting a property, when moving suddenly, or after attempting to self-manage a property. Both situations can be stressful and come along with a big learning curve, especially for those who aren’t real estate savvy already. In California, even more guidelines and rules can further complicate an already complicated process. If you’re interested in learning about just a few of the required disclosures landlords must provide, you can read our article about disclosures, here.

We believe that one of the benefits of hiring a property manager is having peace-of-mind, and knowing that your home is safe and being managed properly. Another benefit is knowing that the tenants residing in your home are taking care of the property and are having a positive experience with renting and fixing any maintenance issues that may arise.

If you do not have trust with your property manager, you may be concerned that the property is not being maintained well, or that the tenants were not properly vetted before they rented the home. These can be a huge stressor on the property owner. By hiring a property management company you are confident in and can trust, you will not have to deal with concerns like this.


Your home should be treated with care.

A key concern we see from clients who are leaving a prior management company they were unhappy with is that their home is not being properly maintained. A great property management company will ensure that maintenance issues are resolved quickly, and by licensed professionals. They ensure that the line of communication is open, both for clients and for the tenants. They will also take photos of the home prior to move in, to ensure that any damages are properly documented and then fixed after move-out, if there are any at all.

At Rincon Property Management, we have found that many of these issues can be mitigated by vetting tenants thoroughly, in advance. We also aim to provide our tenants with great customer service and communication, so they feel comfortable sharing issues with us as soon as they occur. By making tenants feel valued and respected, they are more likely to care for the home and are more likely to stay in the property longer. Both of these are benefits to the property owner in the long-run.


As a client, you deserve the transparency that comes with trust.

Companies that prioritize transparency will build and maintain trust much better than those that are not actively communicating with their clients clearly. Not knowing what you are being billed for, or the cost of repairs to your property, can create confusion at best and damage trust at worst. Even routine maintenance issues or hidden program fees that are not communicated clearly up-front can add up over time when you want to be tuned-in to the care and condition of your property.                 

It is important to many of our clients to know when a tenant is moving in, moving out, or if there are damages to the property. Communicating larger issues creates the type of transparent and trusting relationships we hope to build with each of our clients. This is just one of the many reasons we prioritize communication. 

Whether you’re currently working with a management company, or are still considering your options, know that as a client or potential client, you deserve great communication and full transparency. Building trust with a client should be one of a management company’s top goals.


If you feel that you can’t trust your property management company or they are not being transparent with you, it is likely time to switch or begin looking at your other local options. You can view a list of local management companies by reading our article, here. If you are interested in learning how to vet a property management company, you can view our article here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by filling out our contact form!

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